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Fit4Tap will be coming to Mull soon...

Please get in touch for more information.

FIT4TAP the FUN ‘n’ FUNKY Tap Dance Fitness Fusion! Learn to Tap Dance the FUN way & Keep Fit whilst working out to the FUNKY beat.  Fit4tap is a great alternative tap dance fitness class aimed at beginner or refresher tappers who want to learn to tap with the added flavour of a cardio dance fitness work out.

The Fit4Tap program brings dance, fitness and a specialised dance skill together through rhythm and beat. This unique Fit4Tap format incorporates tap and dance fitness choreography breakdown that work towards set routines.  Fit4Tap instils confidence and helps to improve both mental and physical fitness (Burn up to approximately 350-400 in a 1 hour class!) It is also a fun and social group exercise that  brings the world of tap dance and fitness together in a Fun and non-intimidating environment.

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